Monday, 18 April 2011

We have a word, people!

So, he hasn't quite figured out who his Mama is (he's considering asking Maury for help), but so far he's called me, Jimmy, the fridge and Oprah "mama".

I hope this doesn't lead to therapy later.

Here's one of his best!

He's off to university next week, at this rate.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Still figuring things out

I've been slow catching on to this whole "blogging" thing (if you haven't noticed). I think I'm still kind of trying to figure out what I want to talk about.

I could very well just use this as a venue to show off the cuteness that is Charlie, but I feel like I put up all of his adorable pictures on Facebook already, so it would be redundant for a lot of you. (Unless there's a lot of secret readers that aren't my Facebook friends that I don't know about? SHOW YOURSELVES!)

I could also just ramble on about ridiculous thoughts that enter my head.

Like.... why, when people have an "addiction" do they add -aholic to the end? (example: "I'm such a shopaholic!") I get that they're taking it from "alcoholic", but those are people that are addicted to alcohol. The -hol is part of the original word. So REALLY, we should only be adding the -ic to the ends of the things we're addicted to ("I'm such a shopic.")

You know?


Ok. I'm guessing nobody will want to hear more of those ramblings. So I'll talk about Charlie!

It's starting to get (relatively) nice here lately, so Charlie's enjoying more outside time. We had a little photo shoot on the grass in our backyard.

Picturesque landscaping, right?
I was so happy to finally get a shot of his teeth! He was loving just looking around at the trees and grass. He even had some lay in the sun time.

Ok, so he might have just fallen over here.

Then we went over to my parents the next day to hang out and we had another photo shoot. Seriously, this kid probably thinks people's faces just have huge black lenses coming out of them.

My dad just bought himself one of those fancy pants cameras and it takes amazing shots. Evidence:

I have a feeling we're going to have a lot more shoots now that the weather's getting nicer/the child is way more agreeable to the whole thing. So get ready to see a LOT more of Charlie!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Officially Introducing Charlie (204 days late)

On September 8th, 2010 I looked like this:


2 days later on September 10th at 11:10pm, this guy, weighing 9lbs 12oz, entered the world:

Simple right?

I won't bore everyone with my long-winded, gory, hyperbolic account of my birth story. I'll just say that this kid will be hearing about it.

For the rest of his life.

Every mother's day.

And birthday.

It both seems like ages ago that he arrived, but also that it's gone so fast. A confusing statement that I'm sure other moms can understand.

But it's crazy to think that a little guy that just 6.5 months ago was this (not so) tiny blob of cuteness

now is a little person with a personality. And funny facial expressions. And a sense of humour.

I didn't say it was a normal sense of humour.