Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Random musings of a 2 year old

  •  Me: "You have a new freckle on your leg!"
     Charlie: "Oh yeah! But none on my penis."
  •  *baby crying*
    "You better pick that baby up and feed it."
  • *tries to copy my scowling face and then immediately stops*
    "Nope, no. Only grown ups do that."

    I'm really loving this talking stage. I feel like each new "stage" he reaches quickly becomes my new "favourite". But as difficult and as challenging as 2.5 is, it's also pretty amazing. He's becoming his own little person with preferences, personality and a (weird) sense of humour. I caught myself cracking up at him throughout the day today, which definitely helps when I also want to strangle him at other points in the day.

    This moment was a mixture of cracking up and wanting to strangle him.
  • Note: I do not actually want to strangle him. Do not call CPS.

    He was so content today just playing "kick" (soccer) or "hit" (baseball) or dancing around to our oldies music. I kept asking him if he wanted to colour, or play his memory game, or play with play-doh. I was feeling guilty that we weren't doing anything productive. (Because you know, drawing Spideman for the 485th time is super "productive".) But he just was happy being a nut and running around the basement. Hey man, whatever floats your boat.

    This is just a random sampling. 
    (Note: he still hates wearing pants around the house)
    (Oh, and that shirt is for 5 year olds. Hopefully he will still like the Hulk when he finally grows into it.)


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well this is embarrassing...

Oh, hi there nobody. I'm sure I've lost any tiny readership I might have had (I really disappointed those 2 people). But I'm thinking of starting this ol' creaky machine up again. I figure, if anything, it will be a way for me to have written reminders of what my boys were like at certain stages.

Oh. Yes. Boys. I have more than one now. So a few things have happened since I last posted. Here, I'll give you the abridged version.

This happened:

Then this:
41 weeks! 

 Then, after some screaming and tears, this happened:

That cute guy is Henry, but we call him Huck. Baby Huck to Charlie. He arrived on his own accord, on the day I was supposed to be induced, and he came fast. So fast that I couldn't even get an epidural. Yeeeeah, that was... an experience.

So now we have two adorable, challenging, hilarious, smiley, cuddly boys. And life is crazy. Amazing, of course, but crazy.

So I guess my blog name isn't really fitting, since this is not just about Charlie anymore. Just as we called Charlie "Ham", we called Huck "Bacon". (We like pork products, what?) So I'll have to make a little alteration to the name.

Who knows how long this new dedication to blogging will go. I hope I stick with it this time! I was a baby book failure, so I have no record of milestones or funny quirks Charlie has had over the past 2.5 years. So here's hoping I'm better about blogging and this will be my e-baby book. Probably won't be too exciting to read (for all of you zero people reading) but it might be interesting for me to look back on!

And if you don't read, you can still come for cuteness like this.

That's worth it, right?