Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A glimpse at my future

Charlie and I went to Jimmy's cousin's baby shower this past weekend (are you still with me? That was a lot of descriptors.)

There were a few little kids there, but the one closest in age was a 2 year old little girl. She LOVED Charlie. She followed him around saying "Cha-lee!" and would come seek him out if she couldn't find him. He was interested in her for a couple of seconds but then was way more into the balloons and food.

At one point Charlie discovered the closet where all the guests had their coats. He ran in and not even 5 seconds later, the 2 year old came out of NOWHERE and followed him in. I spent the next minute or so trying to get them to come out.

I really didn't think seven minutes in heaven would start THIS early.

Here's Charlie and his Nanny at the shower. He's enjoying a lollipop.

(And really, could you blame the girl? He's in a sweater vest for god's sake.)

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