Thursday, 5 May 2011

I have an excuse

I was told today that "I suck at blogging" (thanks KARA!). And, yeah. Totally guilty there.

But I DO have excuses. Starting last week our kitchen went from this

to this

That's some Mike Holmes shit - that's what that is. 

My suggestion for anyone out there? Do home renovations BEFORE having a baby. (Although since 100% of you reading this already have babies, that's a little late.) The whole caring for a baby thing + taking care of 2 dogs + having incessant banging/sawing/squeaking going on throughout the day? Not fun. And it's only been 7 days.

I am slowly going crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch....

Luckily the weather's improving so we can get out of the house.

Look! Flowers!

I'll try my best to improve. (Just for you Kara!)


  1. Such pretty flowers and such a cute little guy!

  2. My name is Kara, and I approve this message.

  3. Way to pick up the slack! Am so excited to see finished pics of your kitchen.