Thursday, 23 February 2012

All babies, all the time!

So my family has had a new addition since the last time I posted - I have a new nephew! He was born on February 7th and he is squishy and adorable. My sister (his mom) is quite internet private so, sadly, I can't share any pictures or his name. Let me assure you though, he is the cutest.

Seeing a newborn has brought all the old memories back to me. When I think back to the first month (or four) of Charlie's life, I remember an extremely difficult, extremely exhausting and extremely emotional time.

Sure there was the happiness of meeting my son, and all the joy of loving him, blah blah blah. But holy CRAP it was hard.

But now? Now that I have a moving, opinionated, energetic, needy (awesome, loving and amazing) toddler? The newborn stage seems like a snap! What was I complaining about? They don't move! They sleep all the time! They just eat and lie there like a lump!

Lump - Day 2

I guess that's why second kids seem so much easier? You appreciate their lack of mobility (and lack of a temper).

The other baby that's been getting a lot of attention is Charlie's baby doll.

(from L to R: Brobee, Muno, Charlie, Baby Doll)

This is actually one of my dolls from when I was young. I picked it up at my parent's house, thinking it would be a good toy and teach Charlie to be gentle with his new cousin. He didn't really care for it at first. But then this past week he has become obsessed with it!

He watches the "Baby" episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and sits with his baby. If I put on a different episode, as soon as he realizes it, he brings the baby over to me and shoves it in my face. Like "No no lady. THIS one."

Another new thing of his is that he wants to be picked up and danced with for EVERY song of the show. It's adorable at first, but then get's exhausting (seeing as he's over 30lbs!) We had the genius idea of telling him to dance with his baby instead.

I think he enjoyed himself.

Well... until he almost threw up.

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