Sunday, 26 February 2012

This is why we don't go to "artsy" things.

Jimmy's dialogue (with himself) while watching Cirque du Soleil perform at the Oscars
- That guy's gonna hurt himself.
- Yup he's dead
- OW! his back. Ow.
- Yup, first and last performance. He's dead.
- This is stuff that people used to do when... ouch... When they were kids.
- That guy fell! Go back. Go back. Go back. Go back.
- See? I bet it was that guy that hurt his back earlier. He ruined it.
- Why did he do that all of a sudden?
- Why did that guy take his shirt off?
- Why is he doing that like that?
- How is that guy spinning like that?
- Woah.
- Woah woah!
- Eeeeeee.
*sigh of relief*

(end of performance)
(audience applauds)

- I don't get it.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like similar commentary in our house, except when the guy who took his shirt off bent upside down and back, Jake stopped his commentary.