Saturday, 4 February 2012

I think I need to take out the Moby...(and other rambling).

...for my cat. Seriously. He's like a needy toddler, always wanting to be picked up. The vet DID say he was teething. So basically I have two teething kids.

This is what I'm dealing with

It could be worse, right? At least he's adorable.

Charlie and I had his two weekly classes yesterday and today. He goes to music class on Fridays and sportball on Saturdays.

Music class is... fun? I suppose. It's good for him because he doesn't have a lot of interaction with kids his age (other than his cousin). But it stresses me out. For about 20 minutes of the class, the kids (and parents) are supposed to be sitting in a circle, listening to music and singing. Charlie does not agree with this lesson plan. He spends about 19 of those minutes either dancing in the middle of the circle (good) or just running around the room (not good).

It wouldn't be stressful if all the other kids were ALSO going crazy, but they're not! They all just.. SIT THERE! What the hell? It's like we're surrounded by calm, perfectly behaved angels and my kid's like the tazmanian devil (such a topical reference, I know).

The only other kid that is just as crazy is Declan, my nephew. So my sister and I are pretty much convinced that all the other adults are quietly judging and pitying us. *sigh* Hopefully they understand that it's hard to make a 17 month and 23 month old do much of anything when they don't want to.

At least they're adorable. Just like the cat.

And now for something completely different: a new video! Charlie is showing off some of his new skills! Bonus is him getting completely spooked by the dogs at the end. He's terrified but it makes me laugh. (Oh and please don't judge the awful mess. I have no excuse... it's just a mess.)

He's been making so many new sounds lately! It's so exciting.

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday! I plan to celebrate by eating chili and wearing the one NFL shirt I own. Wee!